Cynic Records was founded in 2004 by Felix Dickinson.

The aim is to release good dance music with a long term appeal.

Felix's baptism in house music came when his step-brother held a party with the Tonka soundsystem. This introduced him to the music and the parties that would change his life. For the first few years he was happy to join the soundsystem as speaker shifter, and ocasional lighting operator, while all the time building an impressive record collection of his own. His first break came when he was asked to play an impromptu final set at a Tonka Loveshack party with the records he had collected that weekend, West End classics and Bobby Konders were in the bag and the party kept going till long after day break. When Felix moved to Brighton in the early 90’s he began to pick up regular bookings off his own reputation and soon had residencies around town with sound systems such as Positive, Baby Boom and Slack.

In ’96 he formed the record labels Ugly Music and Ugly Cutz. With a roster of artists from Chicago and the U.K they had hits such as Underground Evolution's U.K debut, ‘Soul Searcher’ feat. David Brown that was an anthem at New York’s legendary Body and Soul.






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