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soWHAT records is Israel's pioneering house label, focusing on deep, soulful, afro and latin inspired house music, as well as urban soundz. Top producers/remixers on board include UPZ, Fabio Bacchini, Abicah Soul, Alex Senna (Sueno Soul), Qness, Avi Elman & Danny J and Yotam Avni with remixes by Rasmus Faber and Euan Mitchell forthcoming.

The label is run by Avi Elman, the producer/songwriter/DJ behind projects like UPZ (United People of Zion) and production collaborations with Danny J (Goldtrix). Avi's productions have been released on Farplane, Objektivity, Look At You, Camio, Soulfunk-Digital, Cr2, Baroque records, Rambling, MOD, Bubble Soul & Susu.

Support for soWHAT records has come in from house music's top DJ's Frank Roger, Brian Tappert, Jerome Sydenham, Andy Ward, MOD, Ian Friday, Troydon, Jamie Lewis, Keith Thompson, Richard Earnshaw, Casamena, Halo, Abicah Soul, Master Kev, Poji and Rasmus Faber.

soWHAT Singles Discography:
sw-001 Ki Sa Ou Di, UPZ ft. Patrick G (inc. Fabio Bacchini Mix) 2006
sw-002 Touched By Heaven, UPZ ft. Shafatyah, 2007
sw-003 Fanga, Hillary Sargeant, 2007
sw-003rmx Fanga, Hillary Sargeant (Abicah Soul, UPZ rmx's), 2007
sw-004 Pure Surprise, UPZ ft. DKP (inc. Alex Senna Mixes), 2007
sw-005 Afrika Wo-man, UPZ ft. Theo Lawson (inc. Euan Mitchell Mixes), 2007
sw-006 Danger in The City, UPZ ft. Roy Young, 2007
sw-007 noiZ, UPZ ft. Rasu, 2007
sw-008 Con Funk EP, Avi Elman, 2008
sw-009 Constantinople, Azizy & Elman, 2008
sw-010 U Lift Me, UPZ ft. Ben Khesed, 2008
sw-011 Ki Sa Ou Di/noiZ - Yotam Avni Mixes, 2008
sw-012 Deep Rides EP, Avi Elman & Danny J, 2008
sw-013 Uzongilinda, Qness (forthcoming), 2009

soWHAT Albums Discography:
sw-A01 United People of Zion Album, UPZ, 2007
sw-A02 United People of Zion Album II, UPZ, 2008
sw-A03 United People of Zion Album - Remixed, UPZ, 2008
sw-A04 soWHAT Sessions Vol 1, 2008
sw-A05 soWHAT Sessions Vol 2, 2009

soWHAT Tracks in Compilations:
UPZ, Pure Surprise (Alex Senna Latin Bossa Mix) - Braniff, mixed by Rasmus Faber (Rambling Records, JP)
UPZ, Touched By Heaven (Disco Edit) - Disco A La Mode (Rambling Records, JP)
Hillary Sargeant, Fanga (Abicah Soul Mix) - Quantized 2 by DJ QT (Sheer Records, SA)
UPZ, Danger in the City (Susu Deep & Shrine courtesy of Camio recs, UK)
UPZ, Hangin' on a Dream - The Sound of Reelgroove (Reelgroove records, UK)
UPZ, Touched By Heaven - Cafe Solaire Vol. 13, (Soulstar Records)
Danger In The City (GILT Champagne Lounge Comp, UK)
UPZ, Danger In The City - Top Model (Hi-Note Records, China)
United People of Zion Album (Rambling Records, JP)
UPZ, Into Something Good, Be Cool (Rambling Records, JP)
Hillary Sargeant, Fanga (Abicah Soul Mix) - Sheer House Vol. 1 (Sheer Records, SA)
Pure Surprise - UPZ House Mix - Deep House Chronicles 2 mixed by Lulo Cafe, (Soulcandi, SA) 2009





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