Wave Music




Wave Music was started in 1995 by its owner François K. as a means to release cutting-edge but timeless music that doesn't necessarily fit the norm of what most people come to expect of a New York 'dance' indie label. Through its association with some of dance music's finest artists, producers and DJ's, Wave has in the span of a decade achieved a reputation for excellence and innovation in this crowded field.

Its sister labels, WaveTec, Deep Space Media, clicktracks have a slightly more defined orientation.

Deep Space Medial represents François K.'s weekly Monday night party Deep Space, a journey into future dub, spacey vibes and abstract grooves. The label captures the DUB edge of the party. WaveTec is a new sub label focusing on tech-House and the more progressive sounds of dance music, while clicktracks is home to music that is in a minimal and electronic state of mind. clicktracks has one in eye in the future, and the other... even further.





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