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Toto recordings is a label from the shores of South-Ukraine located in a very old city in the near of the Black sea. We are for everyone who loves deep, tech, disco, funky, jazzy house, nudisco, grooving elements and melodies - definitely dancing music. It's an excellent example of today's true underground innovation. We are working with well known international acts and unknown producers as well. We are a network of people who love electronic music, keep contact with each other and being a force against the bad music on this planet. In the last few monthes we got amazing support from worlds best DJs and producers.
Toto 001 Addex & Blissphemy - "Like A Record"
Release info:
Addex collaborate to release awesome deep vocal house single "Like A Record" with star singer Blissphemy (Domenico Vaccaro), which worked with Attaboy, on the newly formed label Toto recordings.
The original Like A Record is a beautiful piece of deep vocal house music. Complex, emotive and ultimately, grooving, like any good house track ought to. Addex may be celebrating 5 years of productions, but his EP and especially LOTS sounds as fresh as.
Dub remix takes a more laid-back approach with dubbed-out stabs and simplistic, yet very effective percussion. Spacey and mellow, Yost regains the depth of the track but takes it on a different course.
Instrumental edit steps up with a succulent slice of dubby, tech-house, teaming with twinkling noises and sweeping synths. Only on the digital release, this is one to watch out for.
DJ Reactions:
Johnwaynes "Nice east coast deephouse stuff. thanks guys!"
Murray Richardson "I'm well into the sound of your label and would love to be kept upto date"
Terry G "I really love the feel of this track. The vocals are very smooth and just keeps you locked in the groove.
Dubbyman "Good luck with the label, guys. The Dub version is my one."
DJ Daw "Thanks! Cool sound! I like the Bass!"
Spin Science "Really beautiful piece! Will play lots!"





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