Third Ear



Well, we're not a Me but a We. So, about Us.... We're Third Ear Recordings. That means supporting music that comes from a righteous place, from the heart, from the soul, first of all. Of course we've all got to keep our eyes on the money, but just in the peripheral vision. Got it? Third Ear Recordings is our label. This is at the heart of what we do. What kind of music? We say 'Music made primarily but not exclusively with synthesisers, computers and turntables'. Basically, if we're feeling it, we want to release it. And for the money we also offer 'music services', such as remix coordination, music programming for events/mobile networks/Internet portals/websites and we do soundtrack coordination. We question anyone who is in this business who does not love to get their rocks off on the dance floor - at least occasionally - responsibilities permitting ;-). What could they know if they never set a twinkle toe in the sacred space?





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