These Days Records



These Days was founded in January 2009 by Argy as a platform on which to present his own more personal material and the work of artists, both new and old, that fit his vision of contemporary, soulful club music.

The label begins with a three part connecting series of records which remains musically unrestricted by the traditional concepts associated with the common EP. The first part, ‘Day One’ by Argy, showcases three very different tracks, referencing some of his most important influences up to now. Within these pieces he displays the ability to work closely with session musicians and sourced artists to create a more improvised live sound, showing also his talent when structuring song like pieces or even approaching the sensitive idea of making a cover, as in his version of the 1994 classic 'Bottom Heavy'.

The result suggests a new direction for the artist and shows a depth and maturity not previously seen in his work. The influence of striking, spiritual sound is clear in the track 'Upon Ourselves' featuring acclaimed vocalist Bajka whilst his collaboration with previously anonymous artist Alexander Ross shows more cosmic, dub tendencies.

When placed together the records of the trilogy series will complete a puzzle revealing a connective artwork across the three sleeves.






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