"Tarantic Records" was founded by San Francisco's house music pioneer DJ Blackstone and DJ/producer Amit Shoham. After an offer by DJ Sneak to sign the duo's first track, "Johnny Mojo's Theme," fell through, Blackstone and Amit decided to release the record on their own. The label got its start in 1998 under the name "House of Stone Records," and the first Disciples of Johnny Mojo record, "Johnny Mojo's Theme" was released under the House of Stone label. House of Stone was renamed "Tarantic Records" in early 1999. The word "tarantism" means "a dancing mania." It stems from old Italian mythology and tradition: in southern Italy, when a person was bitten by a tarantula, (or thought they were bitten by a tarantula) they would go into a trance-like fit of dancing in order to sweat out the toxins. The name "Tarantic Records" therefore fit perfectly for a young label looking to make people everywhere dance uncontrollably. Tarantic Records releases and promotes a variety of house music styles, primarily focusing on deep house and tech house, but sometimes venturing into electro, progressive house, soulful house and everything in between.





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