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Swirl People is the name of a Belgian house project formed in 1997 on the 'Wally's groove world' label. Having already releases under their belt on labels like Seasons, Tronicsole, Panhandle, Aroma, Amentimusic, Lowdown Music, Tango, Oomph and MFF, these two down to earth boys both aged in their end 20-ies are certainly not at the end of their creativity. Here's a short introduction of them:
The first member is Dimitri Dewever. He started playing the keyboards at the age of 12, played in a school band when he was 16, and got his first record deal on his 17th birthday. From then on he had numberous releases on various national and international labels: R&S, Big Time, BMG, Byte, Subsounds, Mox Music and the list goes on. Because of good reviews by the press on his past musical escapades, he is becoming high in demand to produce remixes for a vast number of artists.

Then we have Raoul Belmans, who's better known from his DJ residency at the legendary FOOD club. He started to DJ on a local radio station in '91 and after moving to some other stations and playing some funky bar gigs his first real deal parties started to bump up around '94. He teamed up with Dimitri in '96 experimenting on some studio equipment. Raoul's DJ gigs nowadays reach all over the country and also France, U.K., Holland, Germany, Scotland, U.S.A., South Africa, Ireland, Malaysia, Russia, Norway, Kazachstan, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Hawaii, Poland, Canada where he rocked the place at venues like Sub Club, Bar Rhumba (Space), Robert-Johnson Club, Propaganda, Smartbar, Queen, Rex Club and in between he's also taking care of his label Aroma which has grown out to be one of the main house labels worldwide at the moment with artists like Miles Maeda, JT Donaldson, Lawnchair Generals, East Coast Boogiemen, All Good Funk Alliance,...

Under different projectnames like Swirl People, Swirl Peepz, Cozy Creatures, Different Noodles and Tiger Sprouts, Dimitri and Raoul already put out over 70 12inches and a couple of albums on many reputated recordlabels worldwide and have done also numberous remixes for artists and projects like Rozzo, Neon Judgement, Street Corner Symphony, Wizards of Ooze, Soulsearcher, Arsenal, Wam Kidz, Jori Hulkkonen, Fred Everything, Jonene & JT Donaldson, Alexander East,





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