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Doc Martin's Discography
Sublevel Test:Just Us:Sublevel
LADM:AGreater Life:Sublevel
LADM:Blu Love:Sublevel
Doc &Rob Mello:Sublevel Sampler 1:Sublevel
LA Transit - Aaron Arce feat Lillia Blakdoktor voice mix
Sublevel Sampler 2 - LA Transit Blakdoktor Space Explorer Mix & Mongo Santa Maria East River Ritual's
We Are One - Blaze - Sublevel vocal Mix
Johnny Dangerous - Emerald City - Sublevel / LADM Vocal Edit
Sublevel Loop Sessions - Underground Souls
Sublevel Test - All My Love -
Doc Martin:Mood Doctor:Siesta
Kingsize Funk:Release the Pressure:Shaboom
Doc Martin feat. Taka Boom:Never:Shaboom
Doctor Dub:Reach for the Sky:Imperial Dub
Doc Martin feat. Anthea McQueen:I Need Somebody New:ICU
Blakdoctor:I Believe So Strong:Shaboom
Doctor Know:Slowburner:Greyhound
Doc Martin:Set Me Free:Shaboom
Doc & Buck:Living Room Chronicles II:Leaf
Doc Martin presents Diskfunctional:L.O.V.E:Moonshine
Blakdoctor:Heaven in Your Eyes:Shaboom
Doc's Daily Funk:People Together:Groovalicious
Doctor Dub:Unification:Imperial Dub
Doc Martin presents Diskfunctional:Free:Moonshine
Doc Ximbi:African American:99 North
Doc & Tony:Music From My Soul:Wax
Doc & Tony:Lack of Dub:Wax
Doc & Andre:A Little Gotten:Westbound

Tribe Called Quest:Footpints:Jive
Moloko:Day for Night:Warners
Mephisto Odyssey:The Lift:Primal
Sylk 130:The Reason:Ovum
Mark Bell:Woman Cry:Atlantic
Mighty Dub Katz:Just Another Groove:Smile
Eddie Amador:Holy Spirit:Shaboom
Aaron Carl:My House:Ovum
Blakkat:Full Circle:Shaboom
Progression:If You Believe:Nervous
Faith Healer:Wicked Vibes:Rampant
Sweet Drop:Hallelujah:Groovalicious
Fox Gluv:Love:Primal
Nick Holder:Moments of Dub:NRK
Desert:Lettin' Ya Mind Go:Mute
Blaze:Lovely Day:Classic
Freaks:Dance & Disorder:Music For Freaks
Barrio Bros.:Hold on to Your Love:Shaboom
Solomonic Sounds:Children of Israel:Shaboom
Markus Nikolai:Bushes:Classic
Scoper & Bubba:I'm Satisfied:Classic
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