Straightup Recordings



Straightup Recordings (est. 2007) is a digital only record label based in Melbourne, Australia. Born of the Australian internet radio station,, as a platform for the many artists we have come in contact with

The idea to launch a record label that deals exclusively in digital downloadable recordings. Why? Well the reasons are numerous but the main two are that we come from an online radio station and secondly, there is an enormous environmental cost in the production of vinyl and CDs. From the use of petro chemicals and electricity in the manufacture, to the use of jet and normal fuels in the transportation, paper in the printing of jackets and plastics for cases.

Straightup Recordings will be dealing with many genres of music from experimental dub to neo soul and broken beats.

All recordings will be available to purchase online at as well as on beatport, bagpak and clickgroove.

July 14th sees the debut release from Kind and Kinky Zoo. Swiss based jazz-funk rock outfit with their tune Hurricane Train/Electroclash is Back. You can view the latest video clip from the B Side of that release here!





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