SOWESO Records



SOWESO Records is a label by Kabale und Liebe and Lauhaus.

With the label we want to put out new school underground house music.


Soweso 001 | Makam - The Hague Soul
A1 Makam - The Hague soul
B1 Makam - Exception
B2 Makam - The Hague soul (Kabale und Lauhaus remix)

Soweso 002 | Dj W!LD - Con estrellas EP
A1 DJ W!LD - Ahora
B1 DJ W!LD - Ahora (Kabale und Liebe Também remix)
+ Digital exclusive: DJ W!LD - A Mulher
Soweso 003 | Ali Nasser - Ra EP
A Ali Nasser - Stars of Ra
B1 Ali Nasser - Ooof (Leon remix)
B2 Ali NAsser - Ooof (Original)
+ Digital exclusive: Ali Nasser - Ooof (Tom Ruijg remix)

Soweso 004 | Ray Okpara - Brainows EP
A Ray Okpara - Brainows feat. Nikki
B1 Ray Okpara - Brainows feat. Nikki (Lauhaus & Boris Werner remix)
B2 Ray Okpara - Druid Hills
+ Digital exclusive: Ray Okpara - Brainows (instrumental)
+ Digital exclusive: Ray Okpara - Pigeon Process

Soweso 005 | Makam - Hide You EP
A1 Makam - Hide You
A2 Makam - Thank You
B Makam - Hide and Seek





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