Society 3.0 Recordings




society 3.0 recordings distinguishes itself from other labels globally through its innovative and unique electronic sounds and its aim is to get a reference in the global field of electronic music through its constant releases of highly innovative products. artists with a special identity will be developed to major success and will be thriving. highly motivated artists will get the chance to establish themselves and penetrate the market globally. society 3.0's mission is first quality in all areas and no expenses and efforts will be spared. the in-house booking agency will provide club promoters with the ultimate ressource for the direct booking of our talented up and coming artists and who will be available to perform in europe and worldwide. the concentration will be a profound roster of artist provided with a choice talent. the releases are market-orientated music that meets the 'zeitgeist' of the electronic music and acts as an open minded company for excellent and unique artists.





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