Shayan Music



The Cologne based label Shayan-Music was founded by Babak Shayan in 2003 and has established itself as a modern music company that offers a broad spectrum of services.While bringing out records and CDs in regularity,we offer a wide range of services – musical concepts, consultation of clients within the gastronomy branch as well as film- and fashion sector. In addition we compose and compile musical themes for our commercial and retail partners. The name Shayan stems from the Persian language meaning worthiness as well as valuable. As our slogan suggests, we set high standards for the execution of our projects and selection of our products. Shayan-Music stands for quality not quantity. Our music extends far beyond trends and zeitgeist. Therefore, compared to current productions, our class and edibility is maintained. It signifies musical quality, internationality and timelessness.We want to represent true and honest music that creates a bond with the listener over time while satisfying our listeners that have made music their centre piece in life.





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