Shack Music



Shack Music since its inception was founded as an outlet for talented producers within the community to showcase their talent and bring them to the attention of dance music lovers worldwide. The name Shack coming from the brain of the operation being the conversion of an old Shed or Shack into its studio headquarters, like it’s namesake is to produce and release rough cut gems that are never perfect but deliver the raw "the soul, the sweat and the energy"onto the dancefloor.

The global scope and style of Shack Music brings together music in all it’s forms, from the unmistakable swing of New York’s Garage to the Funk fuelled House cuts in London, from the influence of San Fransisco’s deeper musical elements to the Sonic sound of mainland Europe and beyond.

The concept from the outset is simple “music to stir emotions”.

Shack Music Deep is the sister label to Shack Music Recordings, whose concept is to release “music to stir emotions”. Shack Music Deep will, as the name suggests, focus on a deeper sound.






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