Serial Sickness



Serial Sickness is a North West based electronic music label that releases House music of mostly the funky upbeat variety. The label was founded back in 1999 by collaborators Dj Flipsta, DRJ, and Forrest Avery. Put on hiatus for several years, in 2008 it was relaunched by Forrest as digital release label. After only one year of operation, it is already one of the premier house labels of the North West. The releases are all aimed to rock the dance floor proper, but feature a variety in sound and style. The main goal of the label is to showcase new, up & coming, and established producers from the North West in collaboration with producers from around the world. In addition to their North West artist roster, so far the label has signed many top notch acts including Real Time Hand Motion, Hoodfellas, Scrubfish & Nate Laurence, Jangatha, Bill Preston, Combined, Thomas White of Natural Rhythm, Uriah West, Ted Logan, Precious Roy, Dj Rescue, High Maintenance, Wattie Green, and Rithma. The list goes on, and continues to grow as Serial Sickness keeps spreading the illness.





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