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Texas born Jamie Thinnes transplanted to the LA area as a young teenager and was quickly seduced by the intriguing sounds found in the wee hours, in the abundant warehouses, loft spaces and odd locations scattered throughout southern California. Early on, house music crept into Jamie’s soul and has been his guiding light ever since. Quickly becoming an underground favorite in the early ‘90s, Jamie forged his unique and captivating sound in a wide variety of Los Angeles environs - from full scale nightclubs to many a dark and dirty after-hours, from sunny beaches to ultra exclusive, all-night house parties. His trademark deep, spiritual rhythms and low frequency grooves never fail to keep the dancefloor marching in time to sunrise and beyond. A master mixer and programmer behind the decks, Jamie’s unwavering devotion to house shines through with every twist of the knob and every slide of the fader. In 1996, Jamie’s musical vision blossomed when he had the good fortune of becoming involved with the Long family, founders of the famed Higher Source Records establishment (arguably, the finest record store in the LA area from 1996 to 2003). With the generous hand of the Longs, Jamie and long time friend and collaborator, Dean DeCosta, founded Earthtones Recordings. After 10 highly regarded releases, Earthtones was forced to change its name due to trademark issues. As Dean became heavily involved in the record store, Jamie pushed on and Seasons Recordings & Seasons Limited was born. Nearing a decade in existence, with a heavy catalog of class act releases featuring JT Donaldson, Lance Desardi, CPEN, Brett Johnson, SUMO, Olivier Portal, Franck Roger and Jamie himself, to name a few, Seasons has truly evolved into one of the premier house music imprints worldwide. While countless other labels have faded away or tried to re-invent themselves with a new sound every few years, Seasons, and its revered Seasons Ltd. sub-label, have stood the test of time with consistent, quality house music that’s based on an unshakeable foundation of musicality, soulful delivery and infectious grooves. Beautiful For The Ugly.





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