Salon Records



The Salon, this place wherever, in Castles ruined or not, in bars, restaurants and clubs underground or not, up the hill, down the river or perched on Pluton, anywhere but where you feel relatively comfortable and entertained enough to spend time a long while; hanging around, listening to some music, dancing, discussing, playing any game... without counting !

Of course It’s often dark, and we hardly make out what is what, and we are all attracted and pushed by the music spiral!

Salon is a new French label situated between Berlin and Paris reunifying djs and producers who met each other on their way, mostly in this kind of ambiance. The common meeting point stays Berlin.

The label would not be categorized in any electronic music genre. The musical orientation is minimal house and techno, and keeps open to any variety of artists and style in this trip, modern or retro like our logo; and we like it funky and Jazzy!





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