Rebirth Records was established in 2006 by Shield. The label spawned its first release in early summer 2006 with the powerful "Finest Dream (Lead You To Heaven)", performed by And If and featuring vocals by the timeless vocalist Alison Limerick. Rebirth followed up with strong releases by Nufrequency and Billie Ray Martin and debut from up and coming artists like Outmode, Robytek, Edison (aka Andy Chatterley), Silky Sunday and Ajello. Rebirth rapidly grew his reputation, not following the trends but creating its own sound, and in 2008 exploded with the amazing NUfrequency Featuring Shara Nelson “Go That Deep”, which has been already reviewed as the soulful vocal tune of 2008, and Rennie Foster hot track “Devil’s Water” ! Back to the the roots of house music, building a link between the soul of a melody or a song and the brand new tecnhologies ! Rebirth has been already considered the best Italian house label around, receiving a big support and respect in the underground house music scene.






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