Nu Deep


Nu Deep Music is a new French Deep & Soulful House label based in Bordeaux (France). Nu Deep Music founders are PEERS & DJ RICO, two talented African artists now based in France. PEERS is a soul funk vocalist and DJ RICO is a well known DJ/Producer that has worked with many labels. About Dj Rico alias Eric Padouza, his almost two decades DJ’s carrier has already offered him opportunities to spin his funky house sound all around the world, but he only started to make music back in 1999. Soon, he met with Frederic Faupin a.k.a. Mr. Fuzz, and they decided to create s new duo named Grantorino. 100% involved in music, he also collaborated on the documentary “Hang The DJ” and selected/mixed the tracks for Slip’n’Slide’s compilation series “Soul’n’Jazz In The House” and “Soul Food”. The meeting with PEERS gave life to this new fresh & amazing French label!!!!





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