Mule Musiq Japan



mule musiq consists of 3 labels:

mule electronic (distributed by kompakt)
mule musiq (distributed by wordandsound)
endless flight(distributed by kompakt)

mule electronic started as a kompakt exclusive distribution label. Until now, the label has released a total of 26 singles & 4 albums. Very quickly especially in Europe, the label has developed into one of the most popular labels to come out of Japan recently.

mule musiq also started as a wordandsound exclusive distribution label. The label has released works centred around Kuniyuki Takahashi, a world renowned Japanese artist, who released a big hit track, Precious Hall, out of Joe Claussell's Natural Resource as well as Sly Mongoose (whose track was remixed by Rub'n Tug recently), ecologist (aka beat pharmacy), and forthcoming, Force Of Nature. The label's theme is to release "good music" from many different genres. It has released many works continuously and has received positive responses by world famous DJs and music lovers alike.

The label also colloborates with Japan's world renowned select shop, Beams for their T-Shirt shop, Beams T. Mule produces artist/ label merchandise for Beams T and in the past, has produced t-shirts of labels such as Kompakt, Playhouse, Get Physical etc. as well as artists such as renowned illustrator, Stefan Marx, etc.

mule musiq also holds a regular party called endless flight at unit in Tokyo and has booked regularly splendid artists such as Ivan Smugghe, Michael Mayer, Superpitcher, Thomas Fehlmann, Sasse, Ewen Pearson, M.A.N.D.Y., Optimo, Joakim, Henrik Schwarz, Ata (Playhouse), Luciano, Lo Soul, etc.

mule musiq is always one step ahead in bringing over artists and cutting edge sounds from the European scene into Japan. mule musiq based in Japan, their activitites has a great reputation in Europe.





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