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Lunatic Jazz Records is a Sao Paulo based record label oriented to Underground House Music. Founded in 2007 by DJ and Producer Jota Wagner, Lunatic Jazz has reached in his first year respect and support by the most important south american djs and lots of important names of this scene: Murray Richardson, Funky Trasnport, Q-Burns Absttract Message, Ricky Ryan, Asad Rizvi, DJ Jafar to name a few.

Since his first single, our releases are being sould in the most important digital download platforms all over the world like Itunes, Beatport, Tracksource, Juno, Stompy, Amazon and many others, often reaching top 100 charts of some of these stores. Actualy (september) the label is up to release his 9th EP and have in his artist roaster: Jota Wagner (Brazil) Joe Silva (Canada), Anhanguera (Brazil), C-Soul (United Kingdon), Rafael Accorsi (Brazil).

The world of House Music is giant and has different colors and flavours. Lunatic Jazz has been trying to find out tracks that brings upfround new sounds to this world, helping to increase and develop the groove that make bodies shaking at the dancefloor. Deep, funky, weird, but always groovy. This lunatic taste has been making the label to get respect and support among the hundred of labels that comes up every year in music industry due the facilities of internet distribuition.

Check out our player to listen to our catalogue and feel free to purchaise then at your favourite store.

Lunatic Jazz Records -
r. Marsala, 140 - Jundiai - Sao Paulo - Brazil - Cep 13207-490

Demos are welcome. Send us a link (not files attached, please) with a short bio briefing your career and discography, besides some words about the tracks you're showing up.





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