Loco Records




Loco Records - this conspicuous name is associated with artists who perform various duties by day, and DJs spinning turntables at night in order to obtain extraordinary musical emotions combined with passion. Their sets release extreme power among people rocking to the beat which is food for inspiration they make use of at the studio. This nightly atmosphere results in creativity during the day which leads to music-making processes. The artists who represent Loco Records are well-known and experienced producers, DJs, composers and sound-engineers, responsible for such musical projects as Karol XVII, MB Valence, Soul Tunes, Parasoul and Labtop. Loco Records was established by Karol Samocki, Marek Bigajski and Slawek Loboda. Since then, the label has cooperated with many other labels, e.g. Peppermint Jam Records, Look At You, Sony Music, 99 Carat Recordings, Aenaria Recordings, 23 East Deep, Deshima Music, More Music, DanceStreet, HouseNation, Warner Music, Pomaton Emi, Milk & Sugar, Universal Music, S'hort / Extremly House Music, Essential Records, Discogalaxy and others.





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