Since its beginnings, beloved Chicago imprint Large Music has been a quiet keeper of the House music fame. Founded in 1993 by DJ Jeff Craven, the label has become one of the leading House music imprints acclaimed for their steady stream of intoxicating releases that explore and combine a wide variety of musical genres such as Deep House, Brazilian and African rhythms, Salsa, Nu-Jazz, Dubby, Dark Electro grooves. With an impressive roster of some of the most sought after contemporary DJs and Producers like Rasoul, Miguel Migs, Roy Davis Jr., Chuck Love, Julius Papp, Kerri Chandler, Solar House, Jask, Dennis Ferrer, Halo, Lisa Shaw, J.T. Donaldson, Andre Harris, Mark Grant, Ethan White (Tortured Soul), and etc., Large Music has been integral to the ongoing development of Chicago’s innovative trademark sound.

Over the past 16 years, the label’s unique and distinctive sonic blueprint has yielded widespread critical acclaim, underground credibility and international commercial success. One of the first releases, Ulysses’ “I’m Leavin’ You”, was a definitive moment for the mid-90s jazz House music movement. Their rise to commercial success came in the fall of 1998 with Roy Davis Jr.’s UK Pop Top 20 charting single “Gabriel”. Additional hits followed from other Large Music artists. Large Music then began to launch its own successful compilations like the Rhythm Lounge, Sound Deluxe, Electro Jazz, and now to date the trademark Get Large mix series which host the talents of such Large Music acts as Roy Davis Jr., Mark Grant, Jask, Julius Papp, and Chuck Love. These releases further cemented their reputation for consistently potent multi-hued grooves





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