Knee Deep



Sometimes when worlds unite rather than collide, new universes come to life... It must have been a moment like that when Basti Döhring and Toddie Freese, Knee Deep in short, met in Hamburgs club scene only to discover that they not only had a similar aproach to „evaluating“ dance music but also shared a complimenting taste as to what was good and what not. It is this exclusive, personal aproach that has exemplified their work as a production team with a lenghty record of successes to show as well as their work as dj´s, on a mission to rock the crowd. Their first work (1998: D'Influence "Rock With You“) was an instant critical and commercial sucess. Soon big names like David Morales, Bob Sinclair, Brandy, everything but the girl, blaze, Rhianna, Basement Jaxx, Kerri Chandler, Bootsy Collins and Jamiroquai (a seeming fan of the two) asked for remixes or production work , last but not least Afro Medusa´s “Pasilda”, which had clubbers go mad everywhere in the summer of ´00 and became somewhat of an anthem that summer.

Just when a large amount of clubs and thus music producers went after instant fame with the electro hype, KneeDeep had their own taste and a musical vision with substance to match.
The widely respected skills, their own finishing touch and their dedication brought about collaborations with, hip hop, Rn´B and even dancehall/reggae artists- not accidentally all musical genres that trace themselves back to a common root...Soul! Big acts cued in line to get their tracks ready for the clubs with that unmistakable soulful kneedeep sound- Later that year KneeDeep won the german dance award , category“best remixer” .
Nassau Rules (Funky Nassau) is a benchmark of their unique producing skills, as they laid very careful, loving hands on this all time 70ies rare groove classic -doing all the honors it deserved- carefully bringing that gem „up to date“, never altering it´s explosive, euphoric character. Although that track received the honor of being voted best house record in 2002 (DJ MAG charts) the rights owners never gave it a clearing- failing to understand the commercial potential of the production...

2003 saw the birth of KneeDeep Recordings, 2005 KneeDeep u.s.a followed, providing a home to soulful and inspiring house music based on high artistic standards- and to artists like Rasmus Faber, Jamie Lewis and Timmy Vegas. That only goes to prove that patience fueled by a strong belief in one´s abilities and vision will eventually be awarded with due respect and sucess.

Soulful, organic grooves, that is their sound- slowly, without much claptrap or drum rolls they build their DJ sets and their productions, spontaneously spiking them with little details, bringing them to climax. It's not single tracks or hits that inspire, but the record selection and the DJ's interaction with the audience that make a Knee Deep set or production work on every dance floor. Knee Deep aim to please mending strong influences of Soul, Funk, and Latin and their „secret ingedient“ (it´s not that secret after all: Meticulous care to details and proud perfectionism paired with their headstrong pickiness) into a trademark sound that did not go unnoticed with majors and eventually lead to a 3 piece contract with Ministry of Sound which resulted in the epic „Testament of House“ compilation series.
2006 saw the production of the „Third Prophecy“- ending the contract with a musical bang!

The Art of House compilation, their current production out on CLUBSTAR, once again proudly shouts out what the so called house wunderkinder can, and they only: a special mix of classics and underground tracks, always soulful, getting very deep later into the mix. This compilation also features this years most important release on KneeDeep U.S.A , KneeDeep feat. Sharlene Hector „Take me by the hand“- which is prominently featured on one of DEFECTED biggest compilations this year- that has all the traits of a soon- to- be classic, including those strangely hypnotic, wonderful vocals .

Massive followings in a large array of international clubs beyond Hamburg, London, Ibiza and Miami made it a sweet habit to tour asia and australia almost once a year, leaving the two with an extensive travel schedule, because in between time their european following demands to have their equal share of them, be it Switzerland or Spain, Belgium, France or Germany.

The author hopes (with all music lovers) that those two rare grooving house funkateers keep up the kneedeeping well into the third millenium, keeping that funk alive in a very timeless, yet unmistakably glamourous fashion. KneeDeep- and still diggin´...!





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