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On October 1, 2000 Sebastian Riedl aka Basteroid, Michael Schwanen aka Metope and Matthias Klein aka Konfekt founded the music label “Areal”, based in Cologne, Germany. Their productions up to this point were the main reason for this decision: no matter wether it was a solo production or a collaboration, one could always reduce their work to a common denominator. So they decided to give their music a ground to develop: the Areal. So far 50 vinyls and 6 cd..s have been released by the label via exclusive kompakt distribution. Meanwhile Areal downsized to Metope and Basteroid with lots of influence in word and action by bestest friend and topartistress Ada. Together they are looking forward to the next 50 records, pressed in black gold. save the vinyl - Areal Crew





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