Grooveland Brazil



Grooveland music was born!!!

In front of the difficulties, the Grooveland’s project was born to divulge the good music in Brazil. Grooveland is a project idealized by dj Edground and has the contribution of dj e.deep.

The main objective of this project is of spreading the good music and its references with grooves and harmony of vanguard or contemporary.
Nu jazz, broken beats, rare grooves, latin and afro beats, deep, jazzy and soulful house are compose its hall of references.

In November of 2004, the first step of the project was given: the creation of the Grooveland’s website. Inside of the website Grooveland is possible, through a dynamic content, to read summaries and tips of records, to confer the photos of the Grooveland’s parties, as well as to read interviews with djs, producers, musicians and friends and to listen to mixed sets by djs Edground and e.deep.

In December of the same year, the Grooveland’s project gave sequence to the spreading of good music with the weekly radio show: the Groove da Kiss. Hosted and produced by Edground, the Groove da Kiss radio show occurs every Sunday, from 9 to 11 PM at Kiss FM, Taubaté – São Paulo.

In June of 2005, the first Grooveland’s Party was carried through with a Legend name of the House Music and a special guest, Victor Simonelli.

In less than one year, the Grooveland’s Party had more three editions with guests as Charles Spencer - Loveslap! Recordings San Francisco, Neil Aline – Chez Music New York and Franco de Mulero, resident of El Divino de Ibiza.

Since November of 2005 another radio show of the Grooveland’s project gains prominence, Soulful Bytes generated direct from the Grooveland’s studios to the webradio Pressure Radio, located in the United Kingdon. Hosted and produced by e.deep, Soulful Bytes radio show happens every weekly, on Thursday, from 4 to 6 PM GMT.

The next step of Grooveland’s project is the launching of the first brazilian house label, the Grooveland Music.

Grooveland Music was idealized and established by the DJ and producer Eduardo Cury, aka e.deep and by the Dj Edground, whom saw in the national market the necessity to open a specialized house label to be a better assistant for the Brazilian house scene. This label has as mean objective working with famous artists and new talents, offering the new house music produced in Brazil.






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