Ghostly International



Michigan's Ghostly International was created in 1999 by Sam Valenti IV in his dorm room at the University of Michigan. Since then, the label has become one of America's premier channels for forward-thinking music, from abstract electronics to avant-pop. Home to artists such as Tadd Mullinix (aka Dabrye, James T. Cotton), Matthew Dear, Midwest Product, Twine and Dykehouse, Ghostly celebrates a diversity of styles that run the electronic gamut.

Ghostly emphasizes the artist behind the machines, the personalities that drive this music. Through its release history, including the acclaimed Disco Nouveau and Idol Tryouts compilations, the label has received praise from critics and music buyers alike. Ghostly International and Spectral Sound [a sub-label of Ghostly], true to their art historical roots, focus on a strong visual presence and an eye for the smallest detail. The labels provide the complete package, and are capable of earning trust across a myriad of styles and incarnations.





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