Freerange Records



Set up over ten years ago by Jamie Odell (Jimpster) and Tom Roberts, Freerange has slowly but surely blossomed into one of the most consistently brilliant record labels around. One of the few labels that manages to resolutely stick to its musical guns whilst always sounding fresh and completely relevant, Freerange injects deep house with an energy and bounce that takes it about as far away from the ‘dad house’ tag as you could possibly get.

Producing subtly anthemic tracks that are mellow enough to be played as a warm-up but hypnotically uplifting enough to finish a night with is some feat – but one that Freerange achieves easily with almost every release. From Brett Johnson’s wobbly basslines to Milton Jackson’s euphoric melodies, they seem to hit the mark every time. Jimpster’s own productions are beautifully composed house masterpieces combining melodic keys and irresistible basslines.

Freerange have always worked hard to avoid throwaway, disposable music choosing instead to focus on releases which push things forward whether it be 12 inches rocking the dance floor or classic artist albums that the listener will come back to time and time again. We see Freerange as a label where quality always overrides quantity guaranteeing that our records, whatever the style or current trend, sound fresh and musical.





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