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Japanese producer Cherry returns to Bristol’s Four:Twenty in March with his second EP, the “World Waits EP”, backed with a typically superb remix from Areal/Kompakt producer Ada.

As with his first EP for the incredibly consistent Four:Twenty, “The Alex EP”, “The World Waits” is melodic, electronic house at it’s best. Unselfconscious and emotive, the Toyko based producer’s output sees him drawn in a myriad of influences to create something which sidesteps trends masterfully.

Title track “World Waits” is a mammoth 12 and a half minute excursion into layering of melodies which is completely mesmerising. Simplistic drum programming, with just a smattering of variation, combined with an equally simplistic arrangement allows the dominant, nagging synth riff to steal your attention and hold it throughout.

Cologne’s Ada delivers an equally hypnotic take but pursues a more reductionist avenue. An 808 kit provides the backbone while the original’s riffs are tempered with filtering and a more sporadic structure. Subtle strings are also added and add just a modicum of intensity to great effect.

“When The Truth Is” rounds the package off with a captivating mix of melancholic jazz piano, sinister soundscapes and drum/sub interplay which while certainly more sample based than it’s A-side, is no less original.

This is yet another wholly ‘different’ release from Four:Twenty and showcases yet another great new talent.






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