Flying Flowers Records




The concept?

We crossed a cosmic universe aboard a space-time vehicle called "Astro Flower". The latter uses a very special energy : flowers! Thanks to you, we were able to fill its tank several tons of flower petals.

Don't worry, the Astro Flower is totally green, it does smell as breathing the flowers and rejects them in the cosmos leaving a trail of flowers in its path.

The travels ?

According to the color of flowers breathed, our Astro Flower has led us in multiple universes where the sources of positive energies are varied : Deep House, Techno Soul, Electro Funk, Nu Jazz, Deep Dub, Old & Nu Disco ...

The mission?

We try to propose an electronic music balanced between programming and composition,
Where the modulations of the sound match with vertical harmonies,
Where the effects respect the horizontal expression of the melodies,
Where the digital's cold refreshes the analog's heat,
Where the melancholy of Detroit crosses the resonances from Outer Space for finally approaching Berlin.

After several years of multicolored explorations, the "Astro-Flower" finally returns to Earth to make you discover the rewards of its harvest.





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