Fetish Recordings




Fetish Recordings was started in early 2004 by Joey Youngman, originally as an outlet for his own tracks. Having released material on many of the world's most respectes house labels, Joey decided it was time to leave an even bigger mark on the house community, and Fetish was born. He got the ball rolling with the first release, and is currently adding to the roster with artists like Bryan Jones, Chuck Love, Members Only, and more. Since its inception Fetish has envolved into a highly acclaimed and successful label, and spawned a sister label: Jackin Tracks, to explore the dirtier side of house. The style of Fetish should be apparent by the first release: It is a style that can't be confined to a particular sub-genre, or described by a long list of adjectives, as is so commonly done in house music today. It's a feeling, a vibe, a desire. Fetish Recordings was started with the sole intention of bringing that feeling to you, the DJ. We look forward to sharing our music with you, and hope you get the feeling too.





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