Farside Germany





Farside Records was founded by Ingo Sänger in 2000 and started as a compilationlabel.
Mixcompilations like Kaleidoscopic Beats, Mekka & The Soul Brother, Steppers School, Nu Breaks & Deep House Gems and House Not House Vol. 1 & 2 put Farside Records on the international map, always with a soulful, handpicked and genrebreaking musically selection.

After the labeldivision of NTT Medien had to close, Ingo and Farside Records had to look for a new home.
In cooperation with his friends Olski (Melting Pot Music, Cologne, distributed by Groove Attack) and Winni Petersmann (On The Rock/OTR Schallplatten, Waltrop), Ingo Sänger celebrated the relaunch of Farside Records with a 12inch Vinyledition while also focussing on his project Westpark Unit with his friend Herb LF.
Since 2009 Farside Records is completely part of the "on the rock" agency staff.





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