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Being a leader in the industry, Gene Farris started his own label, `Farris Wheel Recordings, Inc., in 1998 with 'The Copa Cabana EP.' Among the label's many loved EPs is FWR 008 that includes a DJ Sneak remix of Farris' `The Spirit.' As the catalog grows, Farris Wheel Recordings, Inc. continues to prosper and gain respectability within the industry. Farris takes pride in discovering new talent from Chicago and around the world such as, studio master mind Jason Heinrichs, heavenly vocalist Lady Sarah, and also releasing the first record of red hot band Greenskeepers.

In February of 2001, Gene Farris revealed his latest brainchild, Farris Wheel Limited, which is a spin-off of Farris Wheel Recordings. His concept of Farris Wheel Limited is designed to feature more organic productions. Farris Wheel Limited artists are incorporating LIVE feeds into their melodic soulful beats that are filling DJ bags world wide. That has featured remixes from Jay- J, Glenn Underground, Jason Hendricks, Boo Williams, Nick Santillian A.K.A. Behind the groove, Mr. ALI, and many more..

Industry Recordings is a Chicago House label based in Amsterdam. This the third instalment in the Farriswheel Recordings legacy from Gene Farris. The labels goal is to release quality funky, sexy house music, made for the dancefloor. With Artist such as Funky Transport , Demarkus Lewis, Onionz, Zoe Noa, Yousef, and host of other talented artist..

Along with the label, they have also started a club night in Holland, called simply Playground it at the newly rmodeled "Rain" club in Amsterdam . As the critics continually applaud his greatening accomplishments, Gene Farris and his Farris Wheel Recordings empire continue to thrive.

Now with the labels long awited return we have added the installment of new fresh talent artist like Bryan Jones, J.T. Donaldson, Jazzy D, Chappell, and a host of others 2007 and beyond looks to be a big return of Farriswheel Recordings enjoy.....





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