- EIGHT-TRACKS was founded in early 2006 by Q-Burns Abstract Message and Atnarko.

- Musically focused on eclectic sounds in electronic dance music, retro-futurist funk offerings, and odd noises that make your sneakers move. It's house music with a twist - a label focusing on eclectic funk-based songs, high production values, and a bit of post-punk attitude.

- Aesthetically inspired by high concept cult labels of the past such as Zang Tuum Tumb, Factory, and Some Bizarre (whose founder Stevo Pearce used to say: "Conform To Deform".)

- EIGHT-TRACKS' releases will celebrate the tight-knit and talented community that the label's founders have found themselves in. These are friends and family bound by a desire to try something new while keeping it funky and fun.






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