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Marcelo Medeiros & Felipe Lotufo, formed DISCOTHEQUE RECORDINGS in 2008. At the time they were both mainly producing and Dj'ing pure Deep House Music, but were also getting involved in the party scene where they were mixing up the true House Music together, and this sparked up their interest to creat a digital label from Brazilian  House Music Spirit. Quite simply the two of them were trying to make House Music which they didn't know that much about, and really thought that they were actually making House, but in fact the tunes were of a different soul from Brazil .

Yes, it was “like” Brazilian Deep House Music but it also had elements of the feeling from the tropical part of the globe. - Marcelo Medeiros was born predestinatet to music. His first contact with vinyls happend when he was still a teenager, following the steps of his family who works at the
local radio stations. At 1984 he begun to work at Antena 1 FM radio, cleaning and arranging the collection of radio vinyls, keeping in his own memory a musical encyclopedia. He is always searching for the new songs, even though he includes in his productions many references that reminds his career as broadcaster / Journalist and all he knew through his twenty years' work at radios. Those references works as great bases and inspiration.

Marcelo Medeiros is a stongly name of House Music in the southern Brazil. - Felipe Lotufo is the latest DJ / producer to have grown out of the hugely lively taubaté – São Paulo Paraiba's valley Deep House community.

Inspired from his mentor friends Azee & Claudio Mansur, the top  producers from the city of underground brazilian deep House Music, from the same Taubaté. Today, he shares the DISCOTHEQUE RECORDINGS with Marcelo Medeiros. Lotufo & Medeiros formed the new DISCOTHEQUE RECORDINGS as an outlet for their “Deep-House” music.

Over the year, the label has promise to released great music from many top international & Brazilian artists.

DISCOTHEQUE RECORDINGS has been formed to embrace the age of Mp3's and digital downloads. Without a doubt this is one very reliable high quality labels that provide excellent brazilian Deep House music that cater to most discerning dance music enthusiast's tastes. To Listen the Radio Visit : WWW.DISCOTHEQUERADIO.COM






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