Deeptown Music



Deeptown Music is an exciting new independent record label originating from Switzerland. The label prides itself on understanding and delivering quality Deep and Soulful House music. Unlike many traditional record companies, Deeptown music decided from day one to ride the digital and technological wave. In an industry that is becoming increasingly dominated by downloads it was a clear that this was the route to take. Not only would it cut many inherent costs but open a range of platforms to markets that would not otherwise have access to a new unknown label.

This innovative thinking is typical of Deeptown Music. Its founding members are all specialised in various different areas of the business, from Promotions to Web design, from investments to industry contacts. Every possible part of business/industry relation has been covered, enabling this young company to meet the same level of professionalism found in many of the already larger, long established Record Labels.

But of course, Deeptown Music was not set up just with business in mind - far from it - the founding reason for this label is simple......

....for the love of house music"

Deeptown has a fantastic list of interesting In-house artists who are all very well versed in their fields. Whether it is the relatively new "DJ Le Roi", the well known "Soul Preachers" or the very experienced Mirco Esposito all of them contribute passionately to keeping the Deep and Soulful house sound real and this is what will make Deeptown Music a success.






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