Deepnsound Recordings



It all started in 2002 Deepnsound recordings was born in Montreal, Quebec out of an idea of making music that was deep, Latin, afro, organic and it all made perfect sense to it’s creator Marcelo Cruz. The sound was to be an extension of his many years of DJ’ing and his passion for the art of music. DJ Cruz was a known DJ around Montreal, playing mainly the underground clubs with his chill out style of house music. He had been a DJ for over a decade and producing just made sense. He had a sound in his head and it just wanted to come out. Having worked with live musicians, vocalists and collaborating with other producers he was finally able to come up with the sound he had heard so vividly in his mind for all the years building up to him becoming the transformational producer that he is today. Deep is for deep house music, Sound is for the sound of the underground. Combine Deepnsound and you have begun your own journey through the world of this labels many interesting and innovative beats. The drums, the percussion, the chants and the heart felt base lines you’d think you’ve gone on an adventure through the jungle as you take in the sounds of this label .The roots of this label are buried in the Latin culture of where Marcelo Cruz was born. He may have left his motherland and today Deepnsound calls Toronto, Canada its home but Cruz pays tribute to his roots and its people in almost every track.





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