Deeplay Sweden


When we started Deeplay Music, our main mission was to release all the good quality deep house music produced in Scandinavia. During it's birth, there were, and still is, any talented artists and producers that never had the opportunity to have their work released on a record label. We decided to change that revolving cycle and Deeplay Music was launched Winter 2001.

The first artist signed to the Deeplay Music was Physics. To date, they been featured on various compilations, along with their own releases on Deeplay. Their unique blend of different musical genres in their production is simply incredible. As production goes, theirs is nothing less than professional quality. In terms of musicality, we would like to say they are in a class by themselves.

Dalminjo, the Norwegian youngster, was our second signing. With three released singles under his belt, we are now set to release his debut album in October 2003. His album will run the gauntlet of sounds; a touch of jazz, a pinch of bossa, and a tablespoon of house with sprinkles of trippy-fusion as a delightful topping. He has already fetched worldwide acclaim with his releases, and currently has a huge following in Japan, where his unique signature sound is much appreciated.

Since our initial launch in the winter of 2001, Deeplay's releases have fetched interest from Dj's and producers from around the world. With such global interest, we decided to change our emphasis on only signing Scandinavia based artists. Looking to the future, Deeplay is proud to announce that it will be signing and releasing quality material from artists based outside the Scandinavia region. Having received numerous demos from new up and coming talented artists; we believe it would be in Deeplay's best interest to bring these new names and sounds to a worldwide audience.

Deeplay's profile all from the beginning was to present quality over the whole line. Not only the music and remixers but also artwork and the whole image. This lead us to the concept of full picture sleeves and labels. For our cd releases we always work with digipacks in one form or the other. We will of course continue our work to give our customers that little extra.

In 2004, we hope you will join us through our never ending journey to broaden and redefine the quality musical sounds you have come to know as Deeplay Music.





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