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Dae Recordings was started in early 2004 by Philadelphia DJ, Aaron Dae. Dedicated to releasing only the funkiest deep house, Dae has expanded to include three new employees (Matt Brownell in NYC, Tj K in Milwaukee, & DJ Dirty in Philadelphia) and is coming up on its nineteenth release.

Already with original work by Onionz, Julius Papp, Thomas Sahs of Midas, Spettro, Broken Home, Mes, Tuffy, MFR, Mr. Devins, The Sound Republic, weS!, Joshua Reynolds, Miles Maeda, Truman Industries and remix work by Joey Youngman, Paul Paredes of Midas & Lavish Habits, No Assembly Required, White Collar Criminals, Olivier Desmet, Bryan Jones, Chris Grant, John Larner, Thomas White of Natural Rhythm, Manuel Tur, Jay West, GreensKeepers, Da Sunlounge, Derrick L. Carter, Slater Hogan, Johnny Fiasco, Sound Navigators, and Schmoov! , Dae has built up an impressive list of talent. Our roster continues to grow with upcoming work from hot up & comers Joshua Heath, Blacksoul, Musical Globe, Fabio Bacchini, and NYC's own Sleazy McQueen.

During the course of a little over a year, Dae has had several licensing deals as well. Most recently, the Schmoov! EP has been getting licenses from UK's NRK for the new Coast to Coast: Miguel Migs along with a compilation on Soulstar as well as a new project out of Japan! The GreensKeepers' remix of Miles Maeda's smash hit "Lovely Daye" has been licensed to the new Franchise Player Cd which is mixed by Jackin Tracks & Fetish head honcho Joey Youngman. Joey Youngman's "Remember 95' Remix" of dj Mes' "Let Me Be" has been licensed to DJ MFR's new mix CD "Rome Departure" out soon through Transport Recordings and Om Records. In April of 2005, NRK picked up weS! "Make With The Names" for the long awaited Inland Knights compilation "Family Duals". And last but not least, Julius Papp's "Funk Like That" appears on "G-Lounge Milano 2," a compilation released by Harley & Muscle's Soulstar label.

Over time, Dae has also picked up a bit of press as well. With reviews and chart placement in URB, BPM, XLR8R, and Feedback, Dae Recordings is quickly taking status as one of the United States' up and coming house labels.





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