Bump Academy





Bump Academy was founded in Dublin in early 2008 by one of Irelands finest and newest house producers Alan "Yodisko" Murphy.after his first release "Bounce Back" on english label Digi Funk,Yodisko decided it was time to get more involved in the underground house scene and Bump Academy was born.he was soon joined by Kenny Fitz,after his discovery of an unknown producer from Malta called Combined and securing the signing of what will become the "B'Town Bump n Jack" ep and another classic track from Combined called "To The Bone".together Yodisko and Kenny Fitz have secured tracks,eps and remixes from all 4 corners of the world from producers such as Mike Magaña & Easily Influenced,Double Depths, Yodisko, Byron Foxx,Luke Ladgroove,Wongo,Ken Murray,The Beat Burgers,Uriah West,Stank Dubz and Waterfords very own Soydan and Paul Bryan.Bump Academy's main policy is "Keeping Underground House Music ALIVE".





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