Blockhead Recordings



Blockhead Recordings is the brainchild of Elan Hurtado and was started in 2003. Elan started DJing as a hobby in 1998 and wanted to take it a step further thus spawning the Blockhead Recordings imprint.

A lot of labels come and go for various reasons but we hope to stay the course and do whatever it takes to continuously bring you top quality music.

3 years and 18 releases later (with many more to come), Blockhead is still around and is going stronger than ever. Never one to shy away from unknown artists with good music, Blockhead has been responsible for putting more than a few newcomers on the map.

Having said that, they still love their established artists and feel blessed to have them grace the label with their music. Artist such as the Inland Knights, Lawnchair Generals, Jason Hodges, Joey Youngman, Jason Jinx, Nick DemQ and Tony Thomas just to name a few, you can see why they are still around and thriving.






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