Altered Moods Recordings



Altered Moods Recordings is an independent label that was conceived in late 2004 and launched in early 2006 as another way to distribute music from up and coming artists who would normally not get the chance to with the bigger, more established labels. Now with 12 artists from all over the globe - a combination of bright new talent as well as established names in the music industry, AMR is positioning itself to flourish and grow within its niche of distributing emotional, ethereal music, both in the physical and online forms. These days there are tons of labels out there doing their own thing, and AMR plans to distinguish itself by publishing deep, off-the-beaten-path, soul-caressing content that many other labels would hardly touch. In that respect, it pays homage to the labels - such as Deep4Life and Force, Inc. - that paved the way for groups like it to distribute the music of the future, for all the world to hear.





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